Asks for ‘stimulus’ check as millions could lose money for child tax credit in 3 WEEKS


PEOPLE are calling on Congress to send a stimulus check for $ 2,000 after Thanksgiving, when 35 million families are expected to lose their child tax credit in just three weeks.

The final check under the Expanded Child Tax Credit program is expected to be issued to eligible U.S. families on December 15.

Some Americans call for a post-Thanksgiving stimulus checkCredit: Getty


The last Children’s Tax Credit check will be released on December 15Credit: Getty

If Congress does not decide to extend the program, which President Joe Biden expanded earlier this year to offset some of the financial burdens many Americans were feeling from Covid-19, the December 15 check will be the last monthly payment. .

Meanwhile, Americans have taken to Twitter to ask the president to approve another round of stimulus checks, especially as recent reports claimed this Thanksgiving would be the most expensive on record.

“@POTUS, you know, would help improve your approval rates, a SURPRISE STIMULUS CHECK to help offset the higher cost of the goods. $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 right after Thanksgiving, ”one user tweeted at Biden.

Another suggested recurring stimulus checks: “Let’s pass this bill with multiple stimulus checks for people who earn less than 75,000 per year and pay a risk premium to essential employees who earn less than 75,000 per year.” and went to work all year 2020. “

Calls for more cash come as the American Farm Bureau announced that prices for this year’s Thanksgiving meals would rise 14% from last year.

While part of that increase is due to inflation, according to The Hill, it is also in part due to the fact that many people skipped Thanksgiving or held much smaller gatherings last year due to the pandemic.

Turkey’s holiday food prices were down 4% last year from 2019.

Still, Americans can expect to feel the rise in food prices as well as travel prices, since gasoline prices have also climbed due to inflation.

A Twitter user complained, this time to Sen Bernie Sanders, that his family couldn’t afford a turkey due to the current economic situation.

“Are you ever going to adopt a stimulus package with stimulus checks to help people?[?] It is very difficult to explain to your granddaughter that turkey hot dogs and macaroni and cheese are for Thanksgiving dinner, ”they wrote.


The expanded child tax credit program, which began sending monthly checks of $ 300 or $ 250 to qualifying families in July, was providing relief to millions of Americans.

However, it is not clear at this time whether Congress will renew it before it expires in three weeks.

Democrats want to expand the program for another year as part of their $ 2 trillion social, health and climate spending plan, the Build Back Better Act.

However, Republicans generally oppose it.

There is no indication at this time that lawmakers are planning post-Thanksgiving checks


There is no indication at this time that lawmakers are planning post-Thanksgiving checksCredit: Getty

Fourth Stimulus Check: $ 300 Risk Payments Will Be Sent to Some Americans

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