Beginner Tips for Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion


The puzzle, adventure game, Turnip Boy commits tax evasion, presents you with a concise and relatively relaxed experience. Players can choose how deep they want to dive into this title, being offered both the main questline and plenty of optional side quests and areas.

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Although there are some really difficult parts in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, knowing the basics of the game’s mechanics, items, and abilities can greatly improve your experience. If you’re looking to improve your overall efficiency and enjoyment when playing Turnip Boy, here are a few things you might find useful to know.


Use your “Trip” ability often

You are equipped with a dash from the start of the game, known as your Travel ability. This allows you to quickly move around the different areas of the map. It’s important to use this ability frequently, and Trip’s near-instant cooldown makes it easier to do so.

Your Trip ability can be used to quickly get away from enemy attacks or to dash if you’re trying to deal damage. Due to its fast cooldown, you can also use this ability to quickly move around areas in the game. Whether it’s used to fight enemies or just to get around the map faster, be sure to use this ability. capacity consistently.

Destroying plants for health

You will see several small plants throughout the world of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. Once you have acquired the Ground Sword (found very early in the game), you can destroy these plants for a chance to gain health.

You will see a little heart appear once the plant is destroyed, regenerating a heart of your health once picked up. Be sure to take note of these plants when fighting enemies, as this is the only source of health regeneration found in this game.

If you’re less than a heart health short, try leaving all hearts found until you’re done fighting enemies in the area, making sure you’re maximizing its effectiveness.

Don’t be afraid to attack enemies

As a primarily puzzle-oriented game, there aren’t many enemies found in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. Due to their rarity, you may get nervous when spotting an enemy or entering a battle. Do not be!

Most enemies found in this game are relatively weak, often only taking a few hits to be defeated; prove that there is nothing to fear. Additionally, due to the constant availability of extra hearts from plants and using your Trip ability, you can often easily disengage from a battle and quickly recover if needed.

Bosses have more health than standard enemies, so try to tread carefully in these encounters. In these battles, usually try to focus more on your safety and dodging powerful attacks rather than dealing damage.

Be sure to interact with NPCs

You will meet several NPC throughout your product-filled journey. Whenever you are spotted, make sure you interact with these characters; often leading to the acquisition of elements or power ups. While some of these characters are just there for dialogue, many will ask for your help with some sort of task.

These requests may vary; ranging from talking to other NPCs in the world to finding missing items or characters. You will win either a Hatused as a cosmetic article or fruit of the heartadding a heart to your total HP at the end of these side quests.

Speak with Mayor Onion for instructions

Although having simple mechanics and features, it’s often easy to get lost or lost while trying to complete the main questline. If this happens, players should speak with Mayor Onionfind in Vegevillethe central hub found at the start of the game.

This NPC will give you a brief recap of what is going on at that particular point in the story, providing you with all the necessary information regarding the next step of the main quest. This same trick can be used when seeking clarity with side quests.

Don’t be afraid to explore

Although not required if you are only interested in the main questline of this story, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion offers several optional areas to explore. These particular regions are often not placed in obvious places and require items that players don’t get until later in the game, causing you to return to these areas later.

Exploring these areas often gives players elements or power ups it will improve their experience while playing this game. These items can include additional heart fruits, items or even NPCs needed to complete side quests. For this reason, be sure to thoroughly investigate each new area you come across.

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