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The new report of the Global Initiative on Illegal Financial Flows from Crime has once again highlighted all the anomalies of the system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The “cancer” of this country remains corruption, organized crime, money laundering, migrant smuggling and drug trafficking.

One of a series of alarming data is that in Bosnia and Herzegovina alone, the migrant smuggling market in 2020 is estimated at 10.5 million euros.

The volume of crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina is increasing year by year, and state institutions are still passive and unable to respond to growing security challenges. Tax evasion is perhaps the most important issue on which this report places particular emphasis.

As mentioned, Bosnia and Herzegovina loses more than 60 million euros every year due to tax evasion. Estimates show that more than 20% of the tobacco market in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro is illegal and that both countries are transit countries to multi-purpose destinations in the European Union.

The report also states that the port of Bar is the main entry point for illegal financial flows in the region and that most of the illegally acquired money is destined for real estate, tourism, construction and gambling. by chance.

“In relation to BiH in particular, we have dealt with a case study, the misuse of public funds to finance political parties through the NGO sector in BiH, we must recognize that this is the first way to shed light on the weakening of the civil sector, is now aware because the civil sector is a powerful corrector in society that should tackle the phenomenon of corruption and organizational crime”, explains Anesa Agovic, coordinator of the Global Initiative for the Western Balkans.

Revenues from corruption, tax evasion and organized crime laundering in the economies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, as noted, are estimated at 2-5% of annual gross domestic product. That is to say from one and a half billion to almost 4 billion marks.

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