Bucks sex offender gave police fake address and arrested for breaking Megan’s Law: Authorities


A convicted sex offender has been arrested for failing to register his home address under Megan’s Law, Bucks County authorities have announced.

Epifano Riberas had given police a completely made up address, Penndel police said.

A search for Riberas began March 3, ahead of an upcoming trial for an unrelated incident, while authorities attempted to verify his home address, Penndel police said.

The Bucks County Park Rangers sought the help of Penndel police to verify his address as part of a separate criminal charge, but attempts indicated the address did not exist at all, police said.

Riberas, 65, was eventually found in Bensalem where he was living and told authorities he lived in Penndel – and even showed police exactly where he lived on a ma, they said.

The address of this house, however, was not the one the Pennsylvania State Police had recorded.

“A check of Penndel’s tax and real estate records also indicated that the address was false,” police said.

A warrant was issued for Riberas’ arrest and he was charged with failing to comply with Megan’s law registration information. As required by Megan’s law, Riberas is a lifelong journalist of his current address and profession.

At a preliminary hearing, his bond was set at 10% of $50,000. Unable to post bail, Riberas was sent to Bucks County Jail to await his court hearing.

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