Child Tax Credit Portal: Why is the IRS closing its CTC tool?



Ddeal with the Tax Service (IRS) can be a complicated task during tax season, so it will be disappointing for many to learn that he has temporarily ended his Child tax credit tool.

The measure imposed by the White House is in place until after the end of tax season because of the confusion it has caused.

Government officials said they were concerned the tool would cause too much trouble during tax season because it would allow those required to file to use the non-filers portal.

“Last year, since the ranking season was already over, these mistakes were kind of without harm, without fault,” Sperling genea senior adviser to Joe Biden, told Politico.

“But if that happened at the start of tax filing season this year, those families would go through the child tax credit portal, and then when they tried to file their normal tax returns, they would look like trying to file their taxes twice.

“It could deprive them of any benefit for months while the IRS tries to fix their situation.”

The developers of the GetCTC portal for the IRS application, Code for America, mentioned that 114,000 families in the United States were using the tool just two months after its creation, but now things have changed.

“If you want to receive your remaining or missing Child Tax Credit today, you must file a tax return,” the GetCTC app website says.

Temporary closure only

The White House insists the closure of the child tax credit portal is only temporary and will return after the end of tax filing season on April 18.

“We remain deeply committed to ensuring low-income Americans can get their child tax credit,” Sperling said.

“Once normal tax season is over, we will again do everything we can to get the remaining low-income parents and grandparents who have not filed to do so through this streamlined process.”

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