Elderly Alleges Tax Evasion by CHS in Santacruz


A senior citizen who owns two apartments in Prahlad Cooperative Housing Society (CHS) in Santa Cruz has written to the Income Tax Office and the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO) against the management committee of his own housing society. housing about alleged tax evasion. An electronic copy of the letter was acquired by the Free Press Journal.

Hasmukhrai Panchmatia alleged that for many years his company paid huge sums in cash and bearer checks without deducting withholding tax (TDS) to vendors. He further alleged that the company never paid TI’s returns, GST and other taxes. Panchmatia further alleged in its letter that the company’s accounts for 2013 were rejected due to tax evasion, false invoices and other irregularities. “Subsequently, the accounts were never prepared.

In August 2021, purely for the purpose of redevelopment, fake accounts were prepared and adopted. Here, all financial irregularities and tax evasion were buried. Office officials are misleading IT and company members, falsely certifying that the accounts were true and in accordance with the law,” the letter reads.

She also alleges that in her letter dated December 26, 2018, the secretary himself said all the accounts were fake and therefore in violation of the law. “Several times we asked the members of the office not to evade taxes or violate laws, but they neglected us,” Panchmatia alleged. While the housing company committee refuted the flat owners’ claims, Panchmatia, along with another plaintiff named Gurbux Adwani, 49, jointly wrote letters to government authorities and posted public notices in the newspapers on their lack of confidence in the committee following their misrepresentations and tax evasion.

The letters state that the committee cannot be trusted to handle their company’s redevelopment project at a proposed amount of Rs 400 crore. Panchmatia also expressed that they would only have confidence in the redevelopment project if he or Adwani were made a signing authority by the committee.

Meanwhile, law firm Divya Shah and Associates, representing the housing company’s current management committee, issued a public notice saying the allegations are false.

“We absolutely deny lying to government authorities and breaking any law without hesitation. In fact, we have been absolutely transparent and keep the Registrar informed of every little development that happens in our company, including auditing and redevelopment. All decisions taken were adopted by the AGM SGM,” the law firm said on behalf of the executive committee. He further added that the elected committee has the full majority and the consent of the other members of the society to carry out the redevelopment.

“If the plaintiff (Panchmatia) still finds irregularities, he can file a complaint in court and follow the appropriate legal procedures,” he said. Panchmatia has informed the FPJ that he will soon file suit against the society’s committee in the Bombay High Court.

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Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 8:46 AM IST

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