Erie City Council rejects stormwater management fee plan


Erie city council members will have to find other ways to pay for the city’s stormwater management.

Council voted no to a plan to use taxpayer dollars to pay for stormwater management.

The plan called for city residents who benefit from stormwater management services to pay an annual fee. However, the city council rejected this idea.

For months, officials in the city of Erie have been discussing a plan to establish a plan to manage the costs of stormwater management.

City council members were trying to replace and improve the storm water system using city tax dollars.

Several board members voted no and said they believed other funds could be used.

“I am for the management of storm water. I just didn’t want a fee being imposed on taxpayers right now, ”said Jim Winarski, member of Erie city council.

Winarski said that instead of using taxpayer money, the city could use the original 10.5 million US bailout funds to pay for some of the operating, repair and improvement costs associated with the stormwater management system.

He said more funds may be available soon.

“Before we put the burden on the taxpayer, we have President Biden’s infrastructure bill passed, maybe some of that money will flow that way and we can use some of that. funding to help offset potential charges, ”Winarski said.

A city council member who supported the ordinance said she was concerned about preserving Erie’s natural resources.

“We have an aging stormwater structure. Ed Kissel of the Sons of Lake Erie spoke about the importance of stormwater management in controlling pollution in the bay and lake, ”said Liz Allen, Erie City Council.

Despite his concern, Allen believes board members who voted no may need more specific data to make an informed choice.

“To be able to get additional information from some city council members have asked the administration and we may be able to get that adoption this year,” Allen said.

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