Extend the Build Back Better tax credit to all electric vehicles



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Buried deep in the Build Back Better legislation just passed by the House is a tax credit that encourages the manufacture and sale of electric vehicles, making them more accessible to more consumers. This is great news as we try to reduce our carbon footprint and tackle the climate crisis head-on.

But as drafted, most of these fuel-efficient vehicles would not qualify for the credit. Rather than promoting the sale of all eligible electric vehicles, this tax credit is extremely limited in nature. This undermines consumer choice and above all limits us in our fight against climate change. This is especially important as the Virginia governor’s mansion and presidency come under Republican control, as important climate control measures passed over the past two years have the potential to be overturned.

If we are to meet the Biden administration’s goal of having electric vehicles account for half of auto sales in the United States by 2030, we must extend this tax credit to all electric vehicles. , and not just to the privileged few. I hope Sens. Warner and Kaine will respond to the urgency of the hour and make this tax credit applicable to all vehicles, as the Build Back Better law goes to the Senate. Our Commonwealth, our nation and our world depend on it.

Letter from Linwood Moore / Blacksburg

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