Farmers’ organization opens new front for MSP law


New Delhi: After agitation to repeal farm laws, a group of farmers launched a new front on Tuesday to demand a law guaranteeing minimum support prices for agricultural products.

Raju Shetti, a two-term member of Maharashtra’s Lok Sabha and head of Swabhimani Paksha, said the decision to launch the MSP Kisan Morcha guarantee was taken during a meeting of various farmers’ organizations here.

“We are going to launch an agitation under the banner of MSP Garantie Kisan Morcha. In the next six months, we will visit every district in every state to raise awareness about MSP,” Shetti said after the agricultural leaders meeting attended by VM Singh from Uttar Pradesh, Rampal Jat from Haryana, Balraj Singh from Punjab, Rajaram Singh from Jharkhand among others.

The leaders decided to push for the adoption of a resolution by each gram sabha (village council) demanding the legal guarantee of a minimum support price for agricultural products.

Shetti said village councils will be asked to send such resolutions to the President of India.

He said a three-day farmers’ convention would be held in the capital to herald national unrest over the issue.

Shetti said farmers should get MSP for their agricultural products based on the remunerative fair price set by the Center for Payments to Sugarcane Growers.


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