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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) decided to define guidance techniques for domestic tax officers for effective control of sales / customs clearance of goods in large retail stores and manufacturing sites of different sectors in order to control tax evasion.

Under section 40-B of the Sales Tax Act 1990, IR agents can authorize monitoring of finished or manufactured products on factory premises or at points of sale. retail.

In this context, the RBF will delegate tax officers to points of sale, which have not been integrated into the point of sale system (POS), to monitor their sales for payment of sales tax.

In addition, the RBF may also delegate IR agents to sugar factories to check if the relevant sector clears all sugar bags with fiscal stamps as part of the tracking and traceability system.

As instructed by the FBR to field trainings here on Tuesday, as instructed by the chairman of the FBR, mandatory workshops would be held for Inland Revenue inspectors. The subject of the training is “How to Impose Section 40-B of the Sales Tax Act 1990″.

In this regard, the FBR has delegated sales tax agents such as large retail stores and manufacturing premises under Section 40B of the Sales Tax Act 1990. The FBR has defined terms Operational Reference (TDR) for integrating retailers into the point of sale system.

According to sources, some Level I retailers were reluctant to be integrated into the point-of-sale system despite repeated reminders from the RBF. To deal with these retailers, the RBF has started to delegate IR agents to their sales premises to control sales. The presence of IR agents at these locations requires retailers to register with the RBF POS system.

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