GGRAsia – Minority parties table amendment to Thai casino law


Minority parties propose amendment to Thai casino law

A number of minority political parties in Thailand have submitted draft amendments to the country’s gambling law, with the aim of legalizing land-based casinos and online gambling, the newspaper reported on Thursday. Bangkok Post.

The idea is to raise public funds at a time when the country’s economy – including a major tourism sector – is still struggling to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The legalization movement was led by the Thai Local Power Party. The political group proposes that a casino be allowed to operate in each of the four regions of Thailand, in the provinces most visited by tourists.

Such casinos could generate at least 400 billion baht (about $11.6 billion) to 600 billion baht every year, said Kovit Puangngam, a Thai Local Power Party list MP.

In December, the Thai National Assembly create sub-committees study the possibility of legalizing casinos in this country.

Gambling other than authorized horse racing or government lotteries has been prohibited since a law called the Gambling Act 1935.

Revenue from collecting taxes and registration fees for online casinos could generate around 1.5 trillion baht, Kovit said.

About 10% would go to the finance ministry, with the rest funding state social welfare initiatives, including debt relief in the agricultural sector, student loans and professional development, the Bangkok Post quoted Mr. Kovit.

The proposed amendment to the country’s gambling law covered player verification, to ensure that minors could not access these services.

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