How a law-abiding citizen’s sequel could become the next saw


Law abiding citizen may not have received much critical acclaim, but the 2009 film grossed over $120 million at the box office, making it a relative success. It happened at a time when Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx were among Hollywood’s most sought after stars, so it only made sense for the action thriller to resonate. It’s also tied to a time when revenge movies were booming, appealing to 80s and 90s fans with its simple plot. That said, it’s surprising a sequel is now in development after the property has been idle for so long. However, there’s a lot of intrigue in mine, given that this franchise could become the next. Seen.

Law abiding citizen focused on Butler’s Clyde, an engineer who worked for the CIA on deadly traps and impossible assassinations. After losing his family to a criminal, he was arrested for killing a ton of people he held responsible, including his former lawyer, Nick. It turns out that Clyde still had a secret tunnel from prison, but the finale saw Nick ignite a bomb in Clyde’s cell, causing him to explode.

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Fans appreciated Clyde’s anti-hero/Punisher energy because he was such a likeable and tragic character and someone who realized the justice system was flawed. However, the film ended in a corny fashion, with Nick missing the point of Clyde’s crusade, even after the father pointed out so many flaws and points of corruption. This now provides an opportunity for Clyde to become a Jigsaw-like entity.

In the Seen series, Jigsaw has killed many people with his engineering skills, becoming something of a vigilante. In fact, he would turn into a symbol after his death, inspiring imitators like Amanda and others who thought he saved them. Law abiding citizen 2 could also look at spiritual successors who want to continue Clyde’s bloody and explosive mission in the same way that Jigaw’s was extended. This could allow Butler (who was only announced as a producer) to return in flashbacks, making the sequel more believable. Nick could be targeted, or he could be brought in to solve the new case, creating continuity and allowing Foxx another opportunity after shocking the world with how his Electro was rebooted.

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The follow-up can even take on a social justice edge, with someone standing up for minorities and people of color against a system that incarcerates, kills, and prides itself on police brutality. A series of these revenge-focused movies would modernize the property and make it accessible. Certainly, Seen got silly with how personal vendettas continued to take root in every movie, but that way, Law abiding citizen can remain relevant and current.

Besides racism, there are many government and business issues to consider, such as school shooting legislation, big business tax evasion, capitalism, and other perks enjoyed by the 1% — especially in times of COVID-19. These provide subjects to bravely explore, but again, exposing these stories is what bold art is all about. Ultimately, this direction of martyring Clyde fits the cast and current times and also produces a thought-provoking sociopolitical narrative amid all the horror, enhancing what Jigsaw has done with his legacy.

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