How is the implementation of the infrastructure law going, asks Rep. Graves


Rep. Sam Graves, a ranking member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, wants more information on how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will be implemented.

In a letter sent to White House senior adviser and infrastructure coordinator Mitchell Landrieu, Graves asked that the T&I committee be briefed on the plan.

“While I am aware that your task force has engaged in various media events and outreach to governors and mayors, you have yet to fully engage all relevant members of Congress on these issues,” Graves, R -Mo., written in his letter.

Graves said it was important to ensure that states and entities receiving funding from the act can meet their specific needs and that past mistakes are not repeated, citing the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. He expressed concern that the Federal Highway Administration recently encouraged potential funding recipients to “give priority to repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction, replacement and the maintenance of existing transport infrastructure, in particular the incorporation of safety, accessibility, multimodal and resilience features”.

“We need to ensure that eligible projects are evaluated on statutory criteria and are not penalized simply for adding capacity to our transmission network,” Graves wrote.

In the letter, Graves asked Landrieu to inform the T&I committee by February 9.

Letter from the American Highway Users Alliance

Earlier this week, the American Highway Users Alliance reached out to congressional leaders regarding the new infrastructure law.

The coalition, made up of dozens of organizations including the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, told Congress that more work needed to be done.

“Our coalition of public and private transport industry stakeholders wrote first to express our appreciation for the strong funding for transport infrastructure included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” , indicates the letter.

“Having said that, we can only begin to deliver on the promise of the (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) that the public expects when the appropriations for fiscal year 2022 are available – the result that all organizations signatories acknowledge and fully and unreservedly support.

The coalition is advocating for a full-year supply bill and says a delay of almost six months from the start of the fiscal year is “unacceptable and will cause significant disruption to the project.” LL

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