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The investigations into tax evasion cases committed by seven outlets were carried out by the Tax Evasion Crimes Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The head of unit made the announcement, claiming that the suspects had violated the provisions of the Excise Tax Act (40) of 2017.

Their cases were referred to the criminal court. The Tax Evasion Crimes Unit had received reports from the National Tax Revenue Office (NBR) indicating that seven outlets engaged in the importation and sale of tobacco and its products had violated the provisions of the Excise Tax Law and its Implementing Regulations concerning the registration of excise goods, including tobacco and its products, hookah electronics and liquid tobacco, and payment of the tax due .

The stores also calculated partial amounts on these excise goods, manufactured and produced excisable goods without paying the due taxes, as well as provided incorrect documents and false declarations, with the aim of evading the payment of taxes. due.

The Tax Evasion Crimes Unit heard the statements of the NBR bailiffs concerning the stores inspected, the products subject to excise, the documents provided and the amounts of taxes due, reaching a total of 679 642 000 BD in the seven cases.

The unit also questioned those responsible for the offending shops, presented them with evidence and ordered their referral to the relevant criminal court.

The prosecution will take the measures prescribed by law to combat economic and financial crimes due to their extremely negative impact on investment and the national economy.

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