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Kozhikode: The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department seized an IndiGo Airlines bus on Tuesday for evading road tax worth Rs 40,000.

The bus which provides service to Karipur airport was impounded on Tuesday night when it was brought to a workshop in Feroke here for repair work.

We learn that IndiGo must pay tax dues for six months. Later, MVD informed the airline authorities that the vehicle would only be released after paying the fine and the tax.

A team led by the Joint RTO seized the bus as instructed by the District RTO. MVD also dismissed rumors that they seized the vehicle amid ongoing disputes between the state government and IndiGo airlines over the travel ban imposed on EP Jayarajan.

“Previously, we were unable to take action since the bus was operating inside the airport premises,” officials said.

MVD intercepted the bus in the nearby town of Feroke and fined it because the bus had not paid road tax for a few months and had been booked under Section 11 of the Motor Vehicle Tax Act motorized.

A senior officer said it was part of a routine check that the bus was booked and fined for back taxes.

He specifies that the vehicle was not seized. “It is parked in the workshop and will be released once the tax plus a penalty of Rs 7500 is remitted,” the officer said.

“It is a vehicle that operates inside Calicut (Karipur) Airport and rarely exits. We have no jurisdiction within the airport premises and therefore we check all vehicles that operate in restricted areas like airports when these exit. It was also one of those and part of a normal check routine,” the officer told PTI.

The airline did not react.

The department’s decision came a day after IndiGo Airlines banned ruling LDF chairman EP Jayarajan from flying in its carrier for three weeks.

The airline made news in Kerala after two Youth Congress activists, who flew on an IndiGo flight in which Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Jayarajan were traveling from Kannur last month, showed black flags and shouted slogans against the chief minister after the plane. landed at Thiruvananthapuram airport.

In a stunning move, Jayarajan instantly stepped in and allegedly pushed them down.

An internal investigation by the airlines found Jayarajan guilty and on Monday banned him from flying on their carrier for the next three weeks.

Angered by the ban, Jayarajan said neither he nor his family would ever travel with IndiGo.

The internal committee set up by the airline also imposed a two-week flight ban on two workers from the Youth Congress.

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