Live streamer fined $16m for tax evasion as China continues to crack down on live tax violations


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Tax authorities in Fuzhou, east China’s Jiangxi Province, fined a live streamer 108 million yuan ($16 million) for tax evasion as the country continues to crack down on violations direct tax.

Live broadcaster named Xu Guohao underpaid personal income tax by 17.56 million yuan ($2.6 million) by misrepresentation for income he earned from the broadcasts, from 2019 to 2020, and avoided personal income tax of 19.14 million yuan ($2.8 million) through bogus business, according to the local tax bureau.

Additionally, Xu underpaid other taxes and fees by 2.1 million yuan ($313,000).

The bureau announced that a total penalty of 108 million yuan was imposed on Xu for collecting overdue taxes and fines.

Media reported that Xu is a live streamer on popular mobile social networking platform Momo. However, there is no relevant information about Xu in the Momo app.

The tax department said it will further strengthen tax departments and tax supervision, for online live streaming, and promote healthy development of the industry.

Along with the take-off of the platform economy and live e-commerce, China’s tax authorities have strengthened supervision and regulation of the new economy and new forms of business. In addition, they have investigated and dealt with numerous cases of tax evasion.

Chinese observers said the case once again showed the firm determination of tax authorities to continue cracking down on live tax evasion and reflected the “zero tolerance” attitude towards tax-related violations.

On June 9, live game broadcaster Sun Zixuan, better known as Di Shi on the internet, was fined 11.7 million yuan ($1.7 million) in penalties and delinquent taxes. , according to the state tax administration.

Sun failed to report personal income tax of 1.9 million yuan ($283,000), evaded taxes of 2.2 million yuan ($328,000), hiding income as tips and failed to pay other taxes of 347,600 yuan ($51,819) between 2019 and 2020, the statement said.

In December 2021, leading live streamer Huang Wei, better known as Viya, was fined 1.34 billion yuan ($199.7 million) for tax evasion.

Between 2019 and 2020, Huang evaded 643 million yuan ($95.8 million) in taxes by concealing his personal income and falsely declaring the nature of his income while failing to pay 60 million yuan ($8.9 million) from other taxes, according to a state statement. FISC administration.

According to the law, Huang was fined 1.34 billion yuan ($199.7 million), including tax payments and outstanding fines, the statement said.

If a taxpayer evades tax, the tax authorities shall collect the taxes which have not been paid or have been insufficiently paid and impose a fine of at least 50% but not more than five times the amount that the taxpayer has not paid or has been insufficiently paid, in accordance with the law.

In September 2021, the administration issued a notice stating that live streamers who proactively report and quickly correct tax issues by the end of 2021 may face a lesser sentence or be exempted from penalty. under the law. Thousands of taxpayers have taken the initiative to correct their tax return and refund taxes, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

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