Mitch McConnell tears up Biden child tax credit as ‘monthly welfare deposit’

  • McConnell mocked the Biden Child Tax Credit as a new form of welfare.
  • Most families earning less than $ 150,000 are eligible for monthly checks of up to $ 300, depending on the child’s age.
  • Early research indicates that credit has helped reduce poverty rates without discouraging work.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell attacked the expanded child tax credit payments on Tuesday, ridiculing the Democratic measure as welfare.

“Their next reckless spending spree proposes to double the Democrats’ new monthly welfare deposits that can go directly to people who are here illegally,” he said in a speech on the ground on Tuesday, referring to the draft. Democratic Party Safety Net Law and Apparently Illegal Immigrants.

Republicans have struggled to counter-schedule child tax credit payments, HuffPost reported in July, as direct payments are widely popular with the public. Tightened child tax credit payments were a key part of President Joe Biden’s stimulus bill that passed in March without any Republican votes. Most families earning less than $ 150,000 per year qualify for monthly payments of up to $ 300 per child, depending on their age.

Some GOP senators are starting to line up behind McConnell. Senator John Cornyn of Texas, a close ally of McConnell, told Insider that “it is” welfare, adding: “In particular, it does not discriminate between citizens and non-citizens.”

“It’s basically a check in the mail,” Florida Senator Marco Rubio told Insider in a brief interview, adding that he preferred to tie the aid to the payroll tax so that people continue to work.

Others were more careful. Utah Senator Mitt Romney unveiled a plan earlier this year to send monthly checks to families, a move to replace the Child Tax Credit, along with other safety net programs, so that ‘it does not add to the deficit. Rubio and Senator Mike Lee of Utah called Romney’s proposal “well-being” earlier this year.

“I cannot comment on this [McConnell] said, “Romney told Insider.

Democrats and Biden want to extend the child tax credit in their social spending bill, although the length of the renewal remains in constant flux. Senior Democrats have sharply criticized a suggestion by Biden that it last for a year.

Early research indicates that the first month of payments in July lifted 3 million children out of poverty and helped feed 2 million children in July. A recent analysis by researchers at the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University, Barnard College and Bocconi University found “very small” impacts of payments on employment.

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