Monitoring investor tax evasion and unsound business practices – Ogun workers in Abiodun


May 01 (THEWILL) – Ogun Labor on Sunday urged Governor Dapo Abiodun to monitor how local and foreign investors are evading taxes and unsound business practices in the state.

This was just as workers praised Abiodun for attracting local and foreign investment to the state, generating employment opportunities for job seekers and improving the economic ownership of the state.

The workforce, comprising the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) and the state Trades Union Congress (TUC), hailed the Governor’s achievement for bringing meaning to life for workers and retirees in the state.

The workers, who said this during the 2022 Workers’ Day celebration held at MKO Abiola Stadium in the state capital, Abeokuta, urged Abiodun to closely monitor the activities of investors, because some of them engage in unfair trade practices.

Addressing the Chairman of the NLC in the State, Comrade Emmanuel Bankole, praised the current administration’s efforts to attract local and foreign investors to improve the economy of the state.

Bankole, who urged the government to control the activities of investors not only in tax evasion but also in unsound practices that go against modern standards of doing business in the world.

The NLC chairman also commended the governor for the state’s strategic transportation master plan, which resulted in the launch of public bus transit, expressing hope that the program would expand to other parts of the state. ‘State.

He said the current administration has achieved better results in securing the lives and property of the people of the state while calling on the security agencies to reciprocate the state government by ensuring use appropriate safety equipment and gadgets.

Bankole said, “The current state administration’s strategic and bold step to attract local and foreign investment to our state with the aim of creating employment opportunities and improving the economic prosperity of the State”.

“We have urged the government to closely monitor the activities of some of these investors, apart from tax evasion, some of them are engaging in unfair business practices.”

We appreciated the administration’s leaps and bounds and ingenuity in “developing an achievable transportation master plan for the state and the recent launch of the Gateway Bus Pilot Program,” and expressed hope that the program will be extended to all parts of the state.

We commend the efforts of the state government in providing logistical and operational equipment to the state security agencies, we call on the security agencies to reciprocate the state government by ensuring proper utilization of the deployment of this equipment. »

On his part, the President of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), in the state, Comrade Akeem Lasisi, has instructed the government to do everything possible to increase the quarterly release by 500 million naira to eliminate the backlog of gratuities for retirees in the state.

“If the previous government had started remitting N500 million per quarter like your government is doing, the backlog might have been completely cleared or reduced to a minimum by now. We therefore congratulate your government for being humane, but we ask for an upward revision of the amount thus paid each quarter.

Lasisi, however, touted the Governor’s giant achievement, saying that “Prince Dapo Abiodun has” excelled where the provision of public infrastructure, vis-à-vis road construction, the recently launched pilot project of rapid public transport by bus and various workers – friendly initiatives, approaches and policies are concerned.

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