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LUDHIANA: The investigative wing of the state tax department has been carrying out anti-escape operations in and around Ludhiana over the past few days. Headed by State Tax Commissioner Nilkanth S Avhad, the operation is carried out in tandem with the Police Department and led by Additional Commissioner Sagar Setia. Although the action is over in some places, it still continues on Transport Nagar, Jalandhar Bypass, Rajpura Highway, Jalandhar and Mohali.
Three Jalandhar companies, all active in the aluminum and copper trade, are wanted for suspected tax evasion. In Mohali, two vehicles loaded with diamond, gold and silver jewelry were intercepted by a team on the airport road on October 27. The goods were transported from Mumbai Airport to Chandigarh Airport (Mohali) via two logistics companies. The tax and penalty will be determined after the completion of goods and documents verification.
Giving more information on other actions, the director of the investigation HPS Ghotra said: “Several inspections are underway by our teams at several locations in the state, including Ludhiana, Rajpura, Jalandhar and Mohali. In Ludhiana, on the basis of specific information on the transport of unaccounted goods, the data of a transport company was inspected at Transport Nagar. In the action of our team, several documents were impounded and three trucks loaded with goods detained for further verification and finalization of the tax and penalty. In another action, the inspection of a cold warehouse in Karabara, near the Jalandhar ring road, is underway because we have clues that the company is storing goods from different taxable persons in its facilities, but these goods are not not recorded in the books of account of the beneficial owners with the intention of evading tax.
“In addition to these two actions, a vehicle carrying 190 bags of tobacco was intercepted near Rajpura and found traveling without any valid documents. The case is being verified for tax and penalty realization. In addition, according to the inputs available from officials, plywood and timber taxpayers were buying goods without invoices in Yamunanagar and evading taxes and causing losses to the treasury. As a result, four Rajpura taxpayers were inspected for irregularities. Finalizing the tax and penalty will take some time to verify the inventory and seized documents, ”Ghotra added.


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