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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – The MPEC facilities are once again under the management of the City of Wichita Falls. This comes after they opted out of renewing their contract with Spectra Venue Management last July.

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“First and foremost, we are once again focusing on customer service,” said Lindsay Barker, MPEC’s new director. “We want to make sure that all of our guests who attend these events have a great experience.”

This will be the first time in more than five years that the city will operate these facilities. Now that MPEC and the Bureau of Conventions and Visitors are under the same municipal umbrella, it has allowed these two departments to share staff and resources.

“It’s just an easier process because we’re all on the same page and we all have the same goal,” said Durleen Vanwinkle, senior sales manager for MPEC and CVB.

Now that city staff have had time to settle in, they can work out the changes they would like to see. One of the two main priorities now is improving the facilities.

“Here in (The) Kay Yeager (Coliseum), we are actually looking at a new sound system. I know this is a big issue that people, you know, we’ve been hearing complaints about for a long time,” Barker said.

The other priority is to reduce the amount of money MPEC uses from the city’s general fund. To do this, they want to operate only with the money collected through the hotel tourist tax. It’s the money collected every time a room is rented in Wichita Falls.

“As long as we can cap that subsidy, reduce it, get back into that HOT fund, that’s the goal from a financial perspective,” Barker said.

The hotel and convention center, currently under construction a few steps from the Kay Yeager Coliseum, will contribute to this in more ways than one.

“We hope that with this hotel here, we can partner with them, attract big events, we can use several facilities at the same time and it will be really beneficial for everyone,” Barker said. .

One thing MPEC staff said people should watch closely is where they buy tickets. Barker said resellers were selling tickets at a higher price. The best place to buy your is through the MPEC website.

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