Municipal assembly of Loudon: tax credit for veterans adopted; electoral count mandate fails


Published: 03/12/2022 15:41:27

Modified: 03/12/2022 15:41:14

The fate of the items of mandate requested at Saturday’s Loudon town meeting went in different directions.

Residents approved a measure to extend the veterans tax credit to anyone who has served at least 90 days of active duty and has been honorably discharged, or their spouse. This would potentially allow more people to claim the $500 property tax credit.

Another item of petition mandate to end the use of ballot counting machines in favor of manual counting did not pass.

Meanwhile, an article calling for a study committee to examine Loudon’s options for leaving the Merrimack Valley School District was filed.

According to the city moderator, the article was presented and voters decided not to act on it.

The only city-sponsored item to fail was one that would have changed the purpose of a library trust fund from being used only for books to one that could have been spent on books, library collections , programs, technology and other library supplies. .

The rest of the mandate was adopted by the voters. These elements included:

■an operating budget of $5.29 million.

■Purchase of a dump truck with snowplow equipment with capital reserve funds.

■Paving projects on Clough Hill and Piper Hill roads.

■the purchase of a fire brigade command vehicle with a capital reserve fund.

■the purchase of a police car with a capital reserve fund.

■two cardiac defibrillators.

■$560,500 and $122,000 to be placed in various capital reserve funds and non-sustainable trust funds, respectively.

In Tuesday’s ballot, residents of Loudon passed zoning changes 1 through 8, including one that adds “light pollution” to city codes. Amendment 9 failed. The planning board had not recommended it, because even if passed, it would be unenforceable due to discrepancies with the tax card lot number.

There was only one contested race for the three-year term as library trustee; Adriana Andrian won with 220 votes against 169 for Naquisha Bourget.

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