Nueces County Meets Golf Cart License Plate Law Requirements


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For over a year now, the state of Texas has passed a law that requires all golf carts driven on public roads to have license plates.

To get one, you bring proof of ownership of your golf cart and proof that you paid sales tax to an appraiser or collection office and pay $14.95 to purchase the plate.

You can multiply that cost by 70 for Randy Wilbanks.

That’s the number of golf carts he rents from his store called North Padre Cart Rentals.

You’d think getting license plates for so many carts would be a hassle – but Wilbanks says he was able to give the county a spreadsheet with the required information from all his carts, along with a series of checks as payment.

“It was pretty easy for me and the other golf cart companies here,” he said.

Bulk purchases of license plates from people like Wilbanks pushed the county’s supply but did not exceed it.

“To my knowledge, they’ve never really run out of plates,” Wilbanks said. “They got pretty low a couple of times. The county was pretty quick to get them back in order. And I spoke to them today, and they have a lot of plates in all places.

These locations are the assessor and tax collectors desks in Port Aransas, Bishop, and inside the Nueces County Courthouse.

It is unclear whether the Corpus Christi Police Department enforces the golf cart license plate requirement.

Public Information Officer Lt. Michael Pena says officers arrest and educate offenders – not issue citations.

Wilbanks says he knows people who actually got tickets.

Either way, the law is on the books to serve one purpose, and that is not to ensure that golf carts, and similar vehicles like utility vehicles or UTVs, are inspected or registered. .

“It’s ID,” Wilbanks said. “The cop can actually type in that license plate number and find out who owns that cart. If they have a problem, they can run into somebody. And with UTVs in particular—probably 70s, 80s , 90% of them are all black. So you got hit by a black UTV coming down the beach and they’re gone? The police have no chance of finding it. But if you get them that license plate number registration, they know who owns it.

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