Peasant women urge Comelec to disqualify Marcos Jr. for tax evasion – Manila bulletin


The National Federation of Peasant Women Amihan urged the Election Commission (Comelec) to disqualify Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. from the presidential race, citing his conviction in 1995 for tax evasion.

Bongbong Marcos Jr. (AFP / MANILA NEWS)

On November 2, inmates of the PH Task Force, KAPATID, Medical Action Group, FIND, PH Alliance of Human Rights Advocate and Balay filed a motion to quash Marcos’ Certificate of Nomination (COC).

In the 57-page petition filed by the petitioners, Fr. Christian Buenafe, Fides Lim, Ma. Edeliza Hernandez, Celia Lagman Sevilla, Ronal Vibal and Josephine Lascano cited “several material false representations” in the COC of Marcos.

“The Marcos family really cheat on people. Now even the Comelec is a victim of i. Aside from the case of Marcos Jr. who lied about his studies, he has not paid tax and so far the response to the petition is still misleading, ”said Amihan’s general secretary, Cathy Estavillo, in a press release.

“They see the petition as a nuisance that says nothing other than the court ruling and the law in force. Marcos’ statement itself is an admission that she does not recognize the laws and that they are not covered by them. It is to admit that they live with impunity or that they are exempt from legal responsibility, unlike ordinary citizens, ”said Estavillo.

Amihan also urged Comelec officials to “defend the pillars of democratic governance, the rule of law and accountability”.

“Comelec must no longer be mean on this issue and think about the future of the next generations of the Filipino people if they allow the Marcos family to return to power. They should immediately disqualify Marcos Jr.

On the basis of the omnibus electoral code, anyone found guilty of a crime involving moral turpitude is disqualified from holding office.

The Supreme Court defined moral turpitude as “anything that is done contrary to justice, modesty or good morals; an act of baseness, baseness, or depravity in the private and social duties that a man owes to his fellows, or to society in general.

Meanwhile, the Marcos camp has maintained that the former senator’s eligibility to run for office is “valid”.

Marcos spokesman Victor Rodriguez also called the petition a “predictable nuisance” and called it “propaganda”.



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