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A well-known photographer has been sentenced to one year in federal prison for pleading guilty to federal tax evasion charges.

According to prosecutors, Bruce Kevin Fleming, 67, had not filed or paid any federal income tax since 1981. The charges he was charged with covered the years 2012-2016.

Under the sentence, Fleming must repay more than $ 192,000 in income taxes owed, and more than $ 22,000 in payroll tax refunds that he withheld from employee salaries in 2016 and 2017, but qu ‘He didn’t turn it over to the IRS.

“The financial loss in tax matters is shared by all taxpayers. Our country’s ability to function and serve its citizens depends on voluntary compliance with tax obligations, ”said Delaware District Attorney David Weiss. “The defendant not only willfully evaded his personal tax obligations, but he also failed to pay taxes withheld from his employees’ paychecks, showing complete disregard for their individual tax obligations. “

Prosecutors also said Fleming had the money to pay income taxes because his total net income was $ 393,000, but Fleming spent $ 75,000 in restaurants and bars and $ 2,350 per month on rent a $ 800,000 house in Lewes, one block from the beach.

The criminal investigation only began after Fleming ignored all letters and civilian assessments from the IRS, according to Weiss.

“Today’s conviction is the culmination of Mr. Fleming ignoring his fiscal responsibility for nearly two decades,” added IRS Acting Special Agent for Criminal Investigations Yury Kruty. “Taxpayers want to know that everyone is doing their part and paying their fair share of taxes. The IRS-CI will continue to vigorously investigate individuals who knowingly and willfully evade their tax obligations. “


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