Rochester company cited for tax evasion and other charges


A grand jury has indicted two men involved in a Rochester asphalt company for their connection in a scheme to conceal the company’s taxable sales by falsifying financial records to the state.

A Suffolk County grand jury had indicted two men linked to Rochester bituminous products. Albert Todesca, 69, a Mashpee resident and founder of the company, and the company’s former accountant, Christopher Polito, 37, a Deham resident, were the two men charged, Attorney General Maura Healy’s office said in A press release.

The two men have been charged with a variety of charges, including tax evasion, delivering or disclosing false documents to the Department of Revenue, obstructing the administration of the Department of Revenue, conspiracy to commit tax evasion , conspiracy to disclose false documents to the Ministry of Revenue and conspiracy. interfere with the enforcement of tax laws.

The asphalt company was charged with tax evasion, providing false documents to the Department of Revenue and obstructing the administration of tax laws.

An arraignment of the defendants will take place at a later date, the attorney general’s office said.

Rochester Bituminous Products is an asphalt company located at 83 Kings Highway.

The attorney general’s office alleges that Todesca, who had no formal title in the business, exercised control over the business and ran a scheme to avoid sales taxes between 2011 and 2013. The two men, according to office, submitted many false documents to the ministry. turnover from 2014 to 2017 in order to obstruct an audit of the company.

“The AG’s office specifically alleges that at the direction of Todesca, Polito altered the documents to incorrectly state that sales were made to entities that were exempt from the 6.25% sales tax of the state,” the office said in a news release.

The investigation is still ongoing and the indictments come after charges were brought against Polito by the attorney general’s office in November.

Earlier this year, the company was ordered to pay $1.2 million in restitution and penalties for allegations that it failed to pay prevailing wages to employees of various public projects, including for the city of Mattapoisett.

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