SGST raids 4 companies for tax evasion : The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Ludhiana, May 27

Teams from District 4 of the Ludhiana State Goods and Services Tax Department (SGST) conducted inspections at four businesses for tax evasion in the past two days, officials said Friday.

Two SGST teams carried out simultaneous checks on two knitwear units on Friday based on data mining and market intelligence in Kashmir Nagar here.

Officials said during the inspection that a mismatch between physical inventory and stock on the books had been detected. “The companies were engaged in exporting products out of the country and such discrepancy in records indicates the practice of fictitious purchases,” they said.

Another SGST team conducted an inspection of businesses selling tobacco products in Girija Ghar Chowk at the Chaura Bazaar here. Huge inventories were found on company premises that were not accounted for in the books of accounts, officials revealed. “Evidence of suppressed sale was also found,” they added.

DCST Randhir Kaur said it was the second major action against tobacco companies in his month. Dr. Sumandeep Kaur, Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana-4, said the department was looking into the aspect of clandestine trading by these companies, and if found out, it would lead to heavy penalties and further legal action. .

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