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We all think of law enforcement when we think of the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office, but we often forget that it’s also a business. Our Sheriff’s Office is somewhat unique in that it also provides professional full-time law enforcement services. This is possible thanks to a $2.9 million grant from the Tax Court. Needless to say, the Tax Court expects the sheriff’s administration to be exceptionally frugal with the money they provide.

The Sheriff’s Office budget is complex, and Sheriff Barry Smith has worked through every facet of it. Since the office is funded primarily through dues collection, the budget fluctuates. Lower tax rates, reduced civil process services, fuel prices and overtime all affect the budget process. Sheriff Smith faced all of these issues as sheriff or chief deputy.

Sheriff Smith recognizes them, plans for them, and does an admirable job of working within those boundaries.

In addition, there is an annual audit, accreditation standards to be met, mutual aid agreements, grant management, management of asset forfeiture accounts, a hiring process, and various boards and committees. And, yes, Sheriff Smith did all of those things as well.

Remember that the sheriff’s office is as much a business organization as it is a law enforcement agency, and your tax money supports both. Experience matters. Barry has 27 years of law enforcement experience and a thorough understanding of the business side. For that reason, he has my full endorsement for the position of sheriff.

Major (retired) JD Marksberry

Former Deputy Chief


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