SP MLC Pushpraj Jain, maker of Samajwadi perfume, searched for tax evasion


The income tax department conducted raids on the premises of perfume baron and Samajwadi party lawmaker Pushpraj Jain ‘Pampi’ in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh on Friday.

Research is being carried out at around 50 sites in the UP, National Capital Region (NCR), Mumbai and other locations, based on specific data on tax evasion, sources said. The research focuses mainly on those who are involved in the perfume business.

Pushpraj Jain Pampi is a member of the Legislative Council of the Samajwadi party in UP. He launched the “Samajwadi ittra” or perfume last month in the presence of SP chairman Akhilesh Yadav ahead of the 2022 UP legislative elections.

SP MLC Pushpraj Jain Pampi

Raids were also carried out early in the morning at Mohammad Yaqub Perfume, based in Kannauj.

As news of the tax raids surfaced, the Samajwadi party attacked the BJP and accused the ruling party of abusing central agencies in the run-up to parliamentary elections.

“After the huge failure last time around, this time BJP’s ultimate ally, IT, has finally attacked SP MLC Shri Pushpraj Jain and other Kannauj fragrance traders. Open abuse of central agencies by the frightened BJP is common in UP elections.
People are watching everything, they will respond with their vote, “the official SP Twitter account posted.

Earlier this month, the GST Intelligence Directorate (DGGI) raided Kanpur-based perfume trader Piyush Jain and recovered more than 197 crore in cash, 23 kg of gold and goods valued at of Rs 6 crore in related premises in Kanpur and Kannauj.

BJP leaders, including Interior Minister Amit Shah and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, claimed in their rallies that Piyush Jain was linked to the Samajwadi party, an allegation denied by party leader Akhilesh Yadav.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had attacked the SP over the computer raids, saying the party had sprinkled the “scent of corruption” throughout Uttar Pradesh when in power.

Interestingly, Pushpraj Jain and Piyush Jain are in the same company and live in the same neighborhood.

Business interests of Pushpraj Jain

Pushpraj Jain has been linked to around 18 businesses and corporations.

He is a director on the board of directors of Pragati Aroma Oil Distillers Pvt Ltd. The company was incorporated in 1989 with Atulkumar Sawailal Jain, Prabhatchandra Sawailal Jain and Pankaj Sawailal Jain and Pushpraj Sawailal Jain as directors.

The company’s head office is located at Vile Parle East in Mumbai.

Apart from that, he was a director of 12 other companies and was a partner in five other companies.

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