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San Ramon Valley Unified School District administrators are set to review budget assumptions for the upcoming school year on Tuesday, in addition to considering increases for principals and cabinet members that match previous increases for educators and school employees.

Following the approval of agreements with the San Ramon Valley Education Association, the California School Employees Association and the Service Employees International Union in recent months, which have seen wage increases for the two groups represented, confidential employees, the management and senior administration are invited to receive salary increases at the same rate.

The proposed deal for district executives and confidential employees includes an increase of more than $1.1 million in spending on wage and benefit increases, up 4.55%. This would be the result of a 1% salary increase from July 2020, a 3% salary increase from July 2021 and a one-time payment of 1% based on salary placement from July 2020. November 2021.

A staff report prepared for Tuesday’s agenda item cites agreements between the district and its three bargaining units that saw the same increase in payouts for workers in all three groups, and a ” long-standing practice” in the district of extending raises for represented employees to unrepresented management and confidential employees.

“As a result, staff are asking the Board to apply the same rolling increases to the salary grids of all Level IV executives and confidential employees with the same effective dates and to approve the same one-time payments. to Level IV executives and confidential employees than those provided to the District represented employees,” reads the staff report signed by Keith Rogenski, Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources, and Superintendent John Malloy.

Staff recommends that the Board of Directors approve proposed salary increases of approximately $954,000 combined, along with addenda providing for the 1% one-time payment for Rogenski and Malloy, as well as Chief Business Officer Daniel Hillman and Christine Huajardo , Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, for an additional $57,600.

Salary adjustments are within budget based on assumptions for the coming year according to staff and the Contra Costa County Office of Education.

The public meeting of the SRVUSD Board of Education is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29. To see the full program here.

In other cases

* Staff recommends the creation of a new administrative position and the revision of several others. The move comes after the district eliminated Hillman’s previous position as assistant superintendent of business operations and facilities, following his appointment as business manager last November when Greg Medici left the position.

The Board will consider approving a job description for a new Child Care Supervisor position, as well as staffing the position if approved.

Under the same agenda item, staff recommends that the Board approve revisions to the Assistant Superintendent’s job description and reclassify it for inclusion on the salary scale level IV management. They also recommend adjusting the pay rates for the five District Educational Services Coordinators, E1 through E5 on the Tier IV salary schedule, effective the next academic year. They also recommend staffing a full-time Curriculum Coordinator in the Educational Services Department, who would be paid exclusively using external funds, not the General Fund.

* Proposed increases in expenditures for district management and certified staff are being discussed following a presentation on budget assumptions for the 2022-23 academic year.

The presentation on budget assumptions points to a report from the Department of Finance, which notes that state revenues are 15% higher than the governors’ January estimates, with tax revenues ahead of forecasts in three broad areas. This consists of an additional 12.3% in personal income tax; 6.3% increase in sales and use tax, and 78.4% more in corporation tax, than expected.

Although the presentation indicates projections on the level of national inflation and state spending limits with reduced legislative discretion on excess spending, it notes that these factors have a greater impact on non-educational programs such as child care and health care.

Budget assumptions take into account a continued decline in enrollment in the district, assuming a reduction of 275 students per year through the 2024-25 academic year. They also take into account a stable attendance rate of 96.73%, down from historical rates of 97% and more.

* Staff recommends that the board approve two additional half-time vice-principal positions, at Iron Horse and Pine Valley Middle Schools, which would cost $170,000 from the general fund if approved.

* The council will discuss a statewide ballot initiative called the “Arts and Music in Schools Funding Guarantee Accountability Act,” which would provide dedicated funding for arts and music programs in public schools across the kindergarten to 12th grade.

“Over the years, the arts and music programs have been in steady decline due to inadequate and unstable funding,” the report from Malloy’s office staff said. “Music and the arts are the first to suffer from the tough budget years. Arts education deserves additional funding from the state of California.”

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