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Jaipur: The Customs Preventive Wing raided four cities in the state, including Jaipur, revealing a smuggling ring of diamonds and gold worth Rs 348 crore. An authorized account (CA) of Jhunjhunu and a businessman of Ajmer were arrested in this case.
Public accountant (CA) Ravindra Kumar, a resident of Jhunjhunu, and Omprakash, a resident of Ajmer, were brought to court and taken into judicial custody on Monday.
The two arrested were placed in judicial custody until December 9, and Kumar’s request for bail was denied on Tuesday. The arrested businessman’s request for bail will be heard on Wednesday.
According to officials, based on information received from a bank regarding overseas remittances by some companies registered in Jaipur for “non-physical imports”, the case has come to the fore. investigation. The investigations carried out indicated that the said firms are fraudulent and that they carried out false transactions using false certificates provided by the CA. Investigations further revealed that the remittances were likely to have been made against illicit imports of gold and diamonds. Searches were carried out on various premises located in Jaipur, Beawar, Vijaynagar, Surat, Mumbai, Visakhapatanam & Bhubneshwar and M / s Belstar Techno Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. & and many other businesses were found to be non-existent.
These goods were smuggled by businessmen in Gujarat and Mumbai and paid for in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates through computer companies that only existed on paper in Rajasthan.
At first glance, officials suspect the gang of making thousands of crore from the racketeering that involved smuggling gold and diamonds.
Kumar sent money overseas from 14 branches of 11 banks and issued 310 remittance certificates. On this basis, payment for the smuggled gold and diamonds was sent to Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. The two companies from which the amount of contraband goods was sent from are based in Jaipur.
Both companies have described themselves as IT companies. These payments were presented as those made for IT services. CA had issued remittance certificates to its two banks. These companies returned more than 80% of the amount in both accounts. The companies had filed null declarations. Bank accounts were opened on the basis of documents from a senior official at one of the companies. Judicial sources claimed that this was a case of fraud because the accused did not pay tax on the goods actually purchased.
Officials have remained silent on further arrests as well as other details of the investigation. The jurisdiction of the (preventive) customs commission, Jodhpur (seat in Jaipur) extends over the entire state of Rajasthan.


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