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Ahmedabad: A key player in a tax evasion case, Niraj Jaydev Arya, 48, reportedly fled the Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI) on Saturday on the campus of the Ahmedabad civilian hospital. Arya, who runs the affairs of the Rajkot-based Utkarsh group, was transferred to GCRI on November 22 from a private hospital in Rajkot.
Following a raid on Utkarsh Group by the Goods and Services Tax Department (SGST) on suspicion of tax evasion on November 19, Arya complained of chest pain and was hospitalized in the Rajkot private hospital.
During the raid, it was discovered that the Utkarsh group was allegedly involved in tax evasion to the tune of Rs.31.09 crore. SGST officials seized the stock, tied up the factory building and hangar, factory and machinery, bank accounts, seven residential lots owned by Arya and a fixed deposit of Rs 12.7 crore.
Meanwhile, Arya had filed for early bail before the Ahmedabad Sessions Court, fearing his arrest. The plea was dismissed on the basis of an affidavit filed by SGST officials regarding its involvement in tax evasion.
“Just before Arya’s arrest process began, he complained of chest pain and was transferred to hospital. We asked the hospital management to inform us before dismissing him because he is an accused, ”said a senior SGST official.
“It was discovered that he had cancer and was transferred to the cancer hospital on the campus of the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. We have informed the hospital authorities in Ahmedabad to keep us informed of his release, ”added the official.
Sources said Arya fled the hospital through the building’s back door and left in a taxi. “He was dressed in a business suit when he left the hospital,” the source said.
Sources also said hospital authorities were suspected of being involved in his escape. When Arya fled, some officials from the SGST department were present at the hospital.
The SGST department issued a supervisory circular for Arya. The department was informed that Arya had been admitted to a Nadiad hospital.
After investigating the account books and related documents seized at the offices of the Utkarsh Group and at the residence of the company’s accountant, Himanshu Chomle, it is expected that the amount of tax evaded could be more raised. Chomle’s bail plea was approved by the Sessions Tribunal. Further investigation into the case is underway.


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