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Thiruvananthapuram: The main defendant in the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation tax evasion case has been arrested. It is learned that the accused S Shanthi, superintendent of the Nemom zonal office, came to the police station at the request of the police and that his arrest was recorded later.

Shanthi, who was a member of the state committee of the company’s staff union, is the main accused of the Nemom area office scam. The district court had already rejected her request for early bail and, as a result, she was on the run.

Among the tax evasion frauds, most of the cases took place at the Nemom zonal office. Rs 26.74,333 was swindled in this office alone. Following this, the opposition organized protests against the Thiruvananthapuram company.

Police have already arrested S Sunitha, the cashier at the Nemom regional office, in connection with tax evasion. On Friday evening, she was summoned for questioning and the police recorded her arrest the next day.

The huge scam surfaced during inspection by the audit service. Money collected at the zone office must be deposited into the bank account of the secretary of the company. But it was found during the inspection that the money had been collected by the officers without depositing it into the account.

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