The condominium management authority presents a report to the Minister of Justice


Condominium Management Authority (CMA) Chairman Sarana Karunaratne recently presented Justice Minister Ali Sabry with a report on proposed amendments to Apartment Ownership Law No. 10 and 11 of 1973.

CMA Director General Dr Indunil Liyanage, Deputy Director General of Regulation Nalin Gankanda and CMA Legal Consultant Tissa Perera and Co-Chairs and Legal Committee Members appointed by the Minister of Justice to make changes to the law on the ownership of apartments were also present.

Justice Minister Ali Sabry has appointed a legal panel to amend Apartment Ownership Law No. 10 and 11 of 1973 to meet current demands from developers and landowners across the country. The committee forwarded these timely changes to the Condominium Act to the AMC for their comments and suggestions.

A comprehensive study was conducted by CMA’s senior management on these proposals and recently conveyed their suggestions and observations to the Minister and to the eminent legal panel appointed by the Minister.

The Condominium Management Authority (CMA) was established under Act of Parliament No. 39 of 2003 to regulate and monitor government and private sector condominiums in the country.

Since 2003, the AMC has created 1,126 management companies to monitor and regulate individual condominiums across the country, representing approximately 38,573 apartments. CMA consists of various divisions to support this business, namely engineering, customer service, certification, administration and human resources, law, finance, information technology and l ‘Internal Audit. The Condominium Management Authority is a self-funded institute that reports to the State Department of Urban Development, Coastal Conservation, Waste Disposal, and Community Cleanliness.

According to the law, the CMA will play an important role in the development of Port City. A plan has been developed by CMA for the development activities of the port city under the concept of “one stop shop” introduced by the UDA to speed up the approval process in a short period of time in order to meet the demands of the customers. foreign and local investors.

The CMA assisted the Sri Lanka Tourism Board in drafting regulations for the concept of “serviced apartments”.

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