Twitch Bans Over 200 Middle Eastern Streamers Over Reported Tax Evasion Concerns


A large number of streamers based in the Middle East were banned on Thursday. According to streamer journalist Zach Bussey, the streaming bans appear to be related to tax evasion, although this has not been officially confirmed by Twitch. The bans come amid several streamers in the region report payment issues in the last month.

“The mass of streamers currently banned are linked to the tax evasion situation in the Middle East. The vast majority will be temporary suspensions,” Bussey said on Twitter.

Based on Twitter account streamer bans, more than 200 accounts were banned from the platform Thursday morning, all within minutes of each other. According to Twitch streamer Zurt, who shared his post from Twitch, he received a 3-day ban for “fraud” related to “purchases or payments”, adding credibility to the idea that this is related to a some type of tax evasion problem.

Many streamers in the region received a similar message in February regarding their monetization, in which Twitch said, “We see that your account has been blocked from receiving payments due to a discrepancy with certain tax information provided during the process. In light of this discrepancy, we are unable to issue payment.” Based on this message, Twitch is withholding payments, rather than completely demonetizing streamers, due to apparent tax issues.

This story is still in development as of this writing. We’ll update it as we learn more information from Twitch.

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