UK probe launched into leaked Akshata Murty tax affairs


An internal investigation has been opened into how the tax affairs of Akshata Murty, daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy, were leaked to a newspaper, British media reported on Sunday.

The Whitehall inquiry into the UK government will examine how information about the non-domicile status of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s wife was passed to ‘The Independent’ newspaper, which first published the story. times earlier this week.

According to ‘The Sunday Times’, Sunak’s team believes a government-supporting opposition Labor Party official nicknamed ‘Red Throat’ is responsible for the leak.

“There is going to be a full investigation by Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office and Treasury to find out who had this information and whether anyone asked for this information. Disclosing an individual’s tax status is a criminal offence,” the official said. newspaper, quoting an unnamed senior government official. .

The revelation that the Chancellor’s wife, who is an Indian national, was ‘not domiciled’ in the UK for tax purposes meant she was not legally liable to pay tax on her overseas earnings.

This has led to allegations of hypocrisy from the opposition benches, pointing the finger at recent tax hikes imposed by the Indian-born finance minister. Labor has accused his family of potentially saving millions from Murty’s tax arrangement.

On Friday, Akshata announced she would pay UK tax on all her earnings to prevent the issue from being a continued “distraction” for her husband.

“My decision to pay UK tax on all my worldwide income will not change the fact that India remains the country of my birth, my citizenship, my parents’ house and my home. But I also love the UK,” Murty tweeted. release on Saturday.

It comes as a new opinion poll from Opinium shows Sunak’s approval rating has dropped three points to 28% since late March and his disapproval rating has risen eight points to 43%.

It reflects the damage done to his prospects as future leader of the Conservative Party and key candidate tipped to succeed Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Meanwhile, “The Sun reports that Johnson gave his finance minister and 11 Downing Street neighbor a pep talk over the weekend and convinced him not to quit over the tax storm.

Sunak’s team told the newspaper that the prime minister had been “super supportive” of the minister.

“He was wondering if he could bear his family still putting up with this,” one said.

Many within his own Tory party are now questioning Sunak’s judgment and a Cabinet minister who admires him is reported to have said: ‘It just might make him walk away’.

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