United States: Mauritania Fails to Enforce Law Criminalizing Bribery by Government Officials


The US Department of State has released the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, which strive to provide a factual and objective assessment of the human rights situation around the world in 2021, covering 198 countries and territories.

Corruption is a real problem in Mauritania, the report says, saying authorities do not effectively enforce the law, which provides criminal penalties for corrupt officials.

Officials have often engaged in corrupt practices with impunity, the report said, noting that there were numerous reports of government corruption in 2021.

Corruption is a serious problem in public administration, and the government rarely holds officials accountable or prosecutes them for abuse, the report warns.

According to reports, government officials have used their power to obtain personal favors, such as unauthorized tax exemptions, special land grants and preferential treatment when bidding on government projects.

The report further highlighted that corruption was most prevalent in public procurement, but was also common in the distribution of official documents, fishing and mining licenses, land distribution, as well as in bank loans and payment of taxes.

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