Upgrade of the Ozarks Transportation Management Center to improve traffic flow throughout the region


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Driving through the Ozarks can be tough at times. This is why traffic engineers strive to find ways to keep traffic moving.

“I think there are so many people that it’s so hard to drive, to try to get to where you need to go in a timely manner,” said Robyn Stock.

She says she is often frustrated with moving around.

“I think the lights could be a little better so you’re not just sitting there waiting 10 or 15 minutes while everyone else is leaving,” she said.

Engineers from the Springfield and Missouri Department of Transportation say they often struggle too.

Marc Lewis MoDOT Traffic Center Manager says, “Do we need to add a traffic light here? Do we need to add additional lanes on I44 due to increased traffic demand? “

These requirements are the reason why local and national engineers work together to improve your driving and safety.

“Technology is constantly evolving. Five years ago we did not have this system in place. The software was four or five different systems trying to make things work, ”Lewis said.

MoDOT is partnering with the City of Springfield to install updated software on its current traffic systems.

The software will provide integrated traffic management functionality for incidents, road works and special events.

Springfield Traffic Engineer Tom Dancey said: “The software is better than what we have now.”

The upgraded system at the Ozarks Transportation Management Center in Springfield will be the same one used at the St. Louis center.

This will help MoDOT improve its work across the region.

“It will be a lot easier for our operators to be more efficient at what they are doing,” said Dancey.

It will also allow the Ozarks Transportation Management Center to expand its capabilities throughout the region.

“We have Newton County. We have Lawrence County. We have information on Branson. We have all of that information. Hopefully with the new system we can link them to the software. As the region grows, we need to make these changes, ”Lewis said.

This will help improve commuting for drivers like Stock.

“Hope this helps. The improvements are excellent, ”she said.

The total cost of the three-year contract is estimated at $ 293,329.

Springfield will be responsible for 25% of actual costs, not to exceed $ 73,332.25. This funding will come from the 1 / 8th of a cent transportation sales tax that is already in the city’s budget.

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