Use your tax credit to help the Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition


Contributor Photo: Dollar-for-dollar tax credit contributions of up to $800 for joint filers can be made to the Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition, which operates the sober house House of Hope.

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GRAHAM COUNTY – The Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition began in 2003 as a cross-system coalition. The main objective was to educate the community about the risks of methamphetamine. Since that time, we have grown to provide not only primary prevention programs and activities, but also opportunities for individuals to become involved in drug and alcohol recovery. Our primary focus is to provide addiction education to 12-17 year olds and provide leadership opportunities through our Youth Advocate Program.

In April 2021, we opened the first Sober Living Home in Graham County. We provide affordable housing for adult men who are focused on living drug-free while helping them find employment and transition to independent living. So far we have had two people who have successfully completed the program. They live alone and support themselves and their families. We continue to expand the programs we offer through the House of Hope Prevention and Resource Center. 12-step meetings have been established with two AA meetings and one Crystal Meth Anonymous meeting held weekly and open to the public.

Our latest program is known as Recovery Angels. This is a program where people who have recently overdosed or are struggling with addiction can contact our staff. These staff members are dispatched to meet with the person to create a plan that can help them with detoxification, rehabilitation, or finding local community resources.

The Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition is a member of the Graham Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition. The GGTCC promotes a dollar-for-dollar Arizona income tax credit of up to $1,200 for joint filing, or $800 for individual filing. You can receive this tax credit to offset your AZ income tax by donating to qualified local nonprofits and schools. To learn more about this opportunity, visit our website at The GGTCC is administered by the Gila Valley Arizona Community Foundation and can be contacted at [email protected]

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