Valsad court rejects bail request of Solar company owner for tax evasion of more than Rs 180 cr


Valsad District Main Sessions Judge, PA Patel, on Friday rejected the early bail plea of ​​Badal Shah, the owner of a solar panel manufacturing company involved in a Rs 180 tax evasion case, 28 crores.

According to details, Valsad Value Added Tax (VAT) officials raided Flarium Solar Technology Company in Gundlav village in Valsad district in 2013 and found that the company had evaded taxes on VAT. The owners closed their factory in 2013.

Officials have notified business owners Badal Shah (47) and his mother Jyotsnaben Shah (73), both residents of Mumbai, to register their statement. Despite regular reminders from VAT officials, the owners failed to show up and also changed their address, causing problems for officials to locate them. Valsad Sales Tax Officer Damu Patel filed a complaint of cheating against defendants Badal Shah and Jyotsnaben Shah with Valsad Rural Police on February 5, 2021.

After which, the police recorded an offense under Sections 406 and 420 of CPI and Gujarat Value Added Tax of 2003 under Sections 85(1)(d), 85(1)(g), 86(1), 86(2) and commenced the investigation.

Patel mentioned in the complaint that the owners failed to pay VAT to the department during the years 2009-2013, even after regular notices were given to them, and went underground.

After the offense was recorded, Jyotsnaben filed an early bail plea with the Valsad District Court and Sessions in February 2021, which was rejected by the court.

She then applied for early bail in the High Court of Gujarat and the court granted the application in October 2021.

Meanwhile, Badal filed an advance request with the Valsad Sessions court in October 2021, and he issued an order not to arrest him. During a rehearing of Badal’s early bail application, Senior Valsad District and Sessions Judge PA Patel on Friday issued an order dismissing it.

Attorney General Anil Tripathi said: “The court accepted our arguments. Defendant Badal was not present at the address he mentioned and went into hiding. Badal had made his mother a partner in the business and evaded the VAT recovery amount of Rs. 180.28 crores.

“He did not show up for the settlement meeting called by sales tax officials. Jyotsnaben Shah is on early bail. We believe that Badal Shah will challenge this order in the High Court of Gujarat,” he added.

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