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Wealth management with Golden Leaves. Image: Wikimedia

MOVING to Spain can often involve a lot of expenses, including creating a new will and paying various taxes, which is why managing your wealth with Golden Leaves will help you save on some of these expenses.

Golden Leaves works with some of the foremost independent financial experts and advisors to help you understand how to manage your wealth.

They can help you protect and preserve your wealth and pensions and organize your wealth in an order that can be passed on to your heirs in a tax-efficient manner.

Their financial advisers can also help protect capital and income from “excessive” taxation and offer advice on QROPS, QNUPS and Offshore Portfolio bonds, to ensure that all recommended products are based on strong financial jurisdictions.

If you need currency, exchange, and international payment solutions, they also have partners who can help you buy property, buy high-value items, or make monthly transfers.

Golden Leaves can also help you protect your wealth by offering prepaid funeral plans that will keep up with rising funeral costs and ensure that your loved ones will no longer have to deal with other expenses when the time comes.

Their prepaid funeral plans are offered by a network of funeral directors across the UK, but also in Europe, serving expat communities.

Golden Leaves is the only funeral planning company to offer a repatriation plan, in collaboration with Rowland Brothers International, to British expats living abroad and overseas expats living in the UK.

When you purchase any of their prepaid packages, they guarantee that the funeral services stipulated in your package will be fully satisfied when the time comes.

All of the funds for the Golden Leaves Funeral Plan are held in the Golden Leaves Trust, which manages the funds for long-term stable growth. The Trust is independently supervised by a board of directors.

The fund is subject to an annual, independent audit and subject to strict actuarial reporting to ensure that it remains solid, stable and above all completely secure.

Your Golden Leaves plan covers 100 percent of the funeral services specified in your plan.

Ever since prepaid funeral planning was introduced in the UK, Golden Leaves Ltd has been at the forefront of providers and with Golden Leaves your arrangements are completely secure.

Each funeral director appointed to provide services under a Golden Leaves plan must first meet a number of strict requirements, including a demonstration of outstanding service records in their local community.

If you want to protect your wealth, contact Golden Leaves today who can connect you with financial advisors who will protect your assets and help you buy your home and make other high value transactions.

Golden Leaves can also help you find the pre-paid funeral plan that’s right for you, ensuring that your wishes are fully executed when the time comes.

To learn more about Golden Leaves funeral plans and how they can meet your needs, visit their website or contact them.

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