Where to find all documents in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion



Here’s what you need to know to collect all 24 documents.

You will come across countless collectibles throughout your journey in the indie title, Turnip Boy commits tax evasion. Among these are Documentsfound most often because of their 24 available throughout this game. This type of collectible can be found either through exploration or by completing side quests throughout your adventure, which sometimes turns out to be easy to miss if it is not careful.

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Although they hold no tangible benefit, many of the documents contain lore from the world of Turnip Boy, helping you deepen your understanding of this product-filled history through the information found on these collectibles. The 24 documents are provided below along with their locations and requirements.


Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: All Locations and Document Requirements

Document How to obtain Picture
tax bill This is obtained at the very start of the game and is impossible to miss, prompting you before you begin your adventure.
The Strawberry Love Letter Water the blueberry flower for them in the upper right section of Veggieville to acquire the Flower item. Deliver this to Strawberry (located under the blueberry garden), and they will give you their love letter, the second Document. Turnip Boy's Strawberry Love Letter Commits Tax Evasion
Wanted poster Find in weapon wood in the upper left corner. This document can be seen attached to a large tree in this area. Turnip Boy Wanted Poster Commits Tax Evasion
Jerry’s check Once you acquire the sword from the ground, attack Jerry the snail found in a pen at the start of Weapon Woods. This will give you Jerry’s rent moneywhich can be given to the Blueberry located here in exchange for a Jerry’s Check. Jerry's Bill Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
sandwich receipt This document is located in the upper left corner of layer way. Interact with the trashcan seen here to acquire the Waysandwich Receipt. Turnip Boy's Waysandwich Receipt Commits Tax Evasion
Construction Beet 1099 Talk to one of the construction beets found outside the Animated barn. Simply complete this interaction to get this document. 1099 Construction Beet's Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
Autograph of SlayQueen32 Once you’ve talked to SlayQueen32, who is in the very first room of the animated barn, return to the Waysandwich Shop at Layer Lane. You’ll need to talk to Belch here to get the tier 3 submarine; then send this back to SlayQueen32 in exchange for his autograph. Turnip Boy's SlayQueen32 Autograph Commits Tax Evasion
Fastbook After delivering the Tier 3 sub to SlayQueen32, return to Burp at the WaySandwich shop in Layer Lane. Talk to them to win the Fastbook. Turnip Boy's Fastbooks Commits Tax Evasion
How to do your taxes! This document is in the Animated barn, in the room directly north of where you acquire the Boom Boots. This book is on a table in this room. How to Make Your Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Book
Receipt for carrot seeds Found outside the carrot patch in the Plain Plain. This document is visible on the ground behind some destructible plants. A receipt for carrot seeds from Turnip Boy commits tax evasion
Matt’s draft letter Found in the abandoned farms, in the southernmost part of this area (where the Baby Cherry is). This document can be seen on a desk in this room. Turnip Boy's Matt Letter Project Commits Tax Evasion
Army Telegraph Found in Forsaken Farms, in the room before that area’s boss, the Rotten Cat Apple. This document is located on the bed of this room. Army Telegram Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
Turnip-Chan After defeating the Rotten Cat’s Apple (found in the Abandoned Forest), you will receive the Lost Cat’s Apple. Bring them to Crancran on the west side of Veggieville to get Turnip-Chan. Turnip Boy's Turnip-Chan Commits Tax Evasion
Flipflop Petition Head north from the second area of ​​the Forgotten Forest. This will take you to a small area containing Holly’s phone, returnable to Holly (found in the rock ramp) in exchange for the Flipflop petition. Turnip Boy's Flipflop Petition Commits Tax Evasion
Vandalized Wanted Poster Located in the forgotten forest, above Annie’s lab. This document can be seen displayed here on a large tree. Vandalized wanted poster of Turnip Boy commits tax evasion
acorn act After defeating the Forgotten Forest deer, speak with the acorn standing on a stump outside Annie’s lab to get the leaf. Return this to Blueberry at Layer Lane to receive the Deed of Acorn. You’ll need to return it to the acorn back in the Forgotten Forest to actually acquire this document. Turnip Boy's Acorn Act Commits Tax Evasion
Letter from the cemetery Found in the third room of the Sinister graveyard. This document is located at the top left of this area, attached to a tombstone. Turnip Boy Cemetery Letter Commits Tax Evasion
Nuclear Risk Fact Sheet Found tied to a wall in the very first hallway upon entering the Bomb bunker. Turnip Boy Nuclear Risk Fact Sheet Commits Tax Evasion
old newspaper From the Bomb Bunker kitchen, go up, then right. This will take you to a room containing a key and the Old Journal, located on a bed. Old Turnip Boy Newspaper Commits Tax Evasion
Liz’s journal entry This is in another room in the Bomb Bunker, which you can find later. Also located on a bed, this document is in the same room that has the hazmat suit. Turnip Boy's Liz Diary Entry Commits Tax Evasion
Basic English for Big Dum Dums Once in the Mysterious mafia base, go north into the first room which splits into several paths. This book is on the table in this room. Basic English for Turnip Boy's Big Dum Dums Commits Tax Evasion
Onion Layers This is in the basement from the mysterious mafia base. Once you have descended the first ladder, go to the room on the left. This document is on the desktop in this area. Turnip Boy's Layers To The Onion Commits Tax Evasion
dad’s letter In the Mysterious Mafia Base, there will be a room that has several portal plants. From there, go to the room on the left to find this Document on a desk. Turnip Boy's Dad Letter Commits Tax Evasion
greenhouse act The Final Document is obtained following the defeat of the final boss, Mayor Onion. Turnip Boy Greenhouse Act Commits Tax Evasion

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