Why Zelda Fans Should Check Turnip Boy is Tax Evading on Game Pass


Many titles were inspired by Nintendo’s flagship series The Legend of Zelda over the years, so much so that it has almost become a genre in its own right. With recent games like Tunic wearing their Zelda With inspiration on their sleeves, fans of Link and its many video game releases have plenty of additional content to discover through similar titles. However, there are games with Zelda slightly less apparent links, such as the vegetable adventure of Snoozy Kazoo Turnip Boy commits tax evasion.


At first it doesn’t look like a game called Turnip Boy commits tax evasion would have a lot in common with the fantasy-themed sword and shield games that are the Zelda Games. A sentient vegetable who embarks on a life of crime may not be immediately reminiscent of Link’s adventures, but there’s a lot about Turnip Boy commits tax evasion it would please Zelda Fans. Now that Turnip Boy commits tax evasion has made its way onto Microsoft’s industry-leading Xbox Game Pass subscription service, now is the perfect time for gamers to try out this charming, ridiculous and captivating game.

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Pixel Art And Puzzles

Side name, once players enter Turnip Boy commits tax evasion, the Zelda the inspirations become a little more apparent. Its retro pixel design and soft, simplistic aesthetic is strongly reminiscent of games like the 90s classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and its gameplay of low-stakes boss fights, puzzles, and adventures in colorful environments feels quintessential Zelda-to like. Players take on the role of a defiant turnip named, unsurprisingly, Turnip Boy, as they dodge taxes, get kicked out of their homes, and are sent on a quest to pay off the overpowered Mayor Onion.

Turnip Boy can then wreak havoc on the vegetable and fruit community, tearing up tax documents and committing petty crimes if players choose. The cast of goofy characters provide some of the Turnip Boy commits tax evasionThe quirkier moments of and the ability to collect a variety of hats to adorn the player’s plant miscreant is a nice bonus. Players can also harvest their own quest aids, completing tasks, battling bosses, and solving puzzles in Turnip Boy commits tax evasionis simple yet entertaining gameplay. It may sound simple, but conjuring up other beloved franchises like Zelda helps add a level of nostalgia to the 2021 title, and the multiple endings on offer bring a surprising depth to the game.

Why it’s worth checking out

High-octane AAA action games are all great, but sometimes gamers need a quieter gaming experience. Xbox Game Pass is perfect for a mix of the two, with plenty of varied titles on offer depending on the mood of gamers. Turnip Boy commits tax evasion It might not be the most complex puzzle game or have a kind of flamboyant sensibility when it comes to its action, but it’s still an enjoyable experience with its fair share of humor. Its back-to-basics gameplay still manages to deliver a fun and entertaining journey as players uncover the extent of corruption in vegetable-controlled society, with a story that’s as surprisingly deep as it is absurd.

One of the worst things is when a game far overstays its welcome. Many great titles have been compromised by their long duration, but Turnip Boy commits tax evasion avoids this by having an average run time of around two to three hours. While some gamers may rightly complain that it’s way too short, the game isn’t a long engagement and could be conquered in an afternoon. It seems like a no-brainer for gamers looking to spend some time with something undeniably enjoyable and could be a palate cleanser between more serious and gritty gaming experiences. Turnip Boy commits tax evasion is silly, witty and embraces his irreverence at every turn. Its formula of puzzle solving and exploration is so reminiscent of a Zelda title that it may not be overstepping the bounds, but it’s still a fun few hours.

Turnip Boy commits tax evasion is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

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